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How do I RSVP?
Click here to read more about RSVP.

What is the dresscode?
Cocktail attire. You can read more about what it means here.

Are dogs allowed?
Sadly, dogs are not allowed in the Château Perrotin area, except for Esther (we had to force them to explicitly add her to the contract, no wedding without Esther!).

Are kids allowed?
Kids are welcome during the weekend except for the wedding dinner on Saturday, which is for adults, teenagers & breastfeeding babies only.

Will a babysitter be proposed?
No, it is up to the parents to find a babysitter.

I want to have a speech at the wedding!

Please do! Reach out to our Toastmasters and tell them that! You can find their contact info on the contact page.

How do I get there?
By plane: depending on where you fly from, either Bordeaux BOD airport or Biarritz Airport is preferred. If you choose Bordeaux and come from Sweden, connecting flight in Schipol or Oslo is recommended. Biarritz will require you to rent a car as it is ~3hrs from Perrotin.
Either way, we would recommend you to book your flights asap because of the Olympics that will be hosted in Paris during that time.
Recommended flight from Stockholm here.

By train: Bordeaux Station is a ~2hr train ride from Paris.
Where do I stay?
Not everyone can stay at the Château de Perrotin, but there are plenty of places to stay in the nearby area. We will get back to you regarding accomodations after the RSVP finale date, so do not book any accomodation! Read more here.

What will we do from Thursday to Sunday?
See the wedding schedule here.

Will you provide a long list of all the nice things to discover in the area?
Oh yes! See the list here.

Is the whole wedding going to be in English?
It will be a mix of French, Swedish and English. But you have plenty of time to learn French ;)

Is the last name going to be Salzedo or McCarthy?
No comment.

Is there no dedicated page for Esther on this website?
Hold my beer and click here.

Do I need to bring a gift?

No no no! As stated on the gift page, your presence is your gift to us! Read more here.

Can I wear a white dress?
White should be reserved for the bride only.

Legal Note.
Château Perrotin has asked us to warn all guests that there are small ponds, "lakes" or water around the area and it is up to every guest to acknowledge that and to be careful. Château Perrotin will not be responsible for any accidents in those "water areas".

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