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Wedding Schedule

Thursday 25th of July

  • Dinner in the Jardin of the Hôtel l'Épicurial at 19:00 (cost: 25€/p)

Friday 26th of July

  • Wine tasting and Wine Yard visits (cost: 75€/p) 12:30 to 18:00

    • Light lunch included (sandwich) 12:30 - 13:15 at the Château de Perrotin Pool area

    • Bus departure from Château De Perrotin at 13:30

    • Tasting & Visit of Château Soutard

    • Tasting & Visit of Château La Croizille

    • Bus returns to Hôtel l'Épicurial at 18:00

  • Dinner & Pool Party at Château de Perrotin at 19:30

Saturday 27th of July (starts at 16:30)

  • Wedding Ceremony in the Jardin of Château de Perrotin

  • Wedding Cocktail in the Jardin of Château de Perrotin 

  • Wedding Dinner in the court of Château de Perrotin (adults only)

  • Wedding Party in the Cedrus Gallery at Château de Perrotin

Sunday 28th of July

  • 12:00 - Brunch & Pool Chill at Château de Perrotin

  • 15:00 - Wedding End

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